The bane of my existence

Or at least of my domestic endeavours.

I hate our bedroom right now.  HATE IT.  I was very spoiled with a 2300 square foot condo for two years (pre-August 2009), and am now in a 900 square foot apartment.  End of the world?  Nope, not at all.  Very irritating after having a room for sleep, a room for the computer and a room(s) for storage and laundry, despite having two roommates and pets?  YES.  And these are my first world problems.

The bedroom has high ceilings, a wall of windows with a spectacular view, and enough room for a queen sized bed, a computer and a Chick TV*.  Unfortunately, the benefits are also the drawbacks.  High ceilings mean lotsa wall space that dwarfs just about any attempt to fill any of it in.  A wall of windows is lovely, but threaten to wash out any photos that are hung in the path of the sunshine.  Room for the computer and TV mean that the computer and TV will be put in there, taking up a wall with their ugly screens, cords and flashing lights.  WOE IS ME.

A couple of weeks ago, my beloved Mr. Tim encouraged me to have at it, giving me the green light to purchase some canvas, paints and maybe a lamp or two.  He figures that I may be spending many hours on end trying to sleep or trying to get an itty bitty to sleep in the months ahead, and that I should probably find the space to be a cozy and comfortable expression of our lives and not a depressing dumping ground for laundry and random filing jobs.  That, or he was worried that my research into carpet tiles and DIY painting of baseboards would lead to a very expensive move-out process.  And so I started to homey-up what should be our homiest room.

*Chick TV:  A TV that is 20″ or less in size, commonly purchased by single women in their 20s before they take up residence with a boy who cares about being able to see the images on the screen from more than 3 feet away.

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