Mr. Tim and I were not very honest with our families about the ultrasound date because we wanted to surprise them with the gender news.  We consequently told them that the appointment was March 22, when in fact it was on the 15th. 

The “reveal” involved cupcakes and food coloring and a card with a cheesy poem that went something like this …

Will a girl or boy 

Be bringing joy?

Just take a bite

To see which is right!

I know.  Not even my 2nd grade teacher would give me high marks for this one, but it got the point across.   

We stopped at Paper Source for gift wrap supplies, ran home for the cupcakes and then raced to our respective home-neighborhoods on the opposite sides of town to deliver the goods.  We left the packages and returned home to await the phone calls, during one of which my Grandma said we were stinkers.  Actually, my mom did too.  🙂


It's a boy?


Nope, it's a girl!

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